• Employers & Job Seekers' focus development

  • Job search & listing can't be easier or faster

  • The best Joomla Job Board component

  • A component at enterprise level

  • Free Update, Extras & Top notch support

  • Customization can't be easier

  • Advanced & smart HTML/CSS mark-ups

  • JA Job board is the best Joomla 1.5 & 2.5 Job Board component.
  • Ease of administration & customization.
  • We have focused on user usability while developing this component.
  • It doesn't matter how many jobs you plan to offer.
  • From 1000 jobs to 1,000,000 jobs, the system has smart cache technology for superior performance.
  • Joomla 1.5 & 2.5 Native, various modules & templates.
  • Ready for customization, extra development & 3rd-party extensions integration
  • Multi-language support
  • Open Source - released under GNU/GPL V3 license
  • Powerful administration, almost everything can be configured
  • Charging membership, job post, resumes search via multi pricing packages or membership plans
  • Supports both credit/points (community building) or real money (get paid) billing system
  • More modules, plugins will be introduced in our regular updates. And such Extras would be FREE
  • Detailed Wiki based documentation, premium ticket support & community forums
  • Use any design from thousands of joomla templates out there
  • Change any form, layout, listing, emails, messages (standard) or create new custom field, add new row to your database (advanced)
  • Languages are managed via text files. Translate, upload & you have your language!
  • The html & css are carefully coded so that once installed, the jobboard will instantly get the look & feel of your current joomla Design.
  • Additional CSS is available for special styles.

  • Overview

  • Feature list

  • Demo

  • Pricing

  • Support

What is JA Job Board?

JA Job Board is the ultimate Joomla-based recruitment component for Joomla! 1.5 & 2.5. It contains full functions to operate a Job site, featuring tools to manage jobs, resumes, applications and subscriptions. Fully loaded, up scalable and ease-to-use Job site solution!

Who is it for?

Post job ads on current website & receive/manage applications easily

Company Recruitment

Your company has jobs to offer? You usually post a job offer as an article or blog post, but now you can do it in a more professional method.

  • Collecting application easier, faster
  • Automatically send personalized thank you message after receiving their application
  • Send email to all application about their application status
  • Keep a record of all applications for future usage

Want to run big Job sites like Monster or CareerBuilder?

Enterprise job sites

These days Web based recruitment is hot! Online job board are the #1 choice for any company for recruitment's. Let JA Job Board handle the workflow and all you need to do is just sales & marketing.

  • Enriched features for a Job Site
  • Built-in subscription management
  • Multi-language support
  • Smart Cache system
  • Flexible design customization
  • Extendable with 3rd-party modules, plugins
  • Native Joomla 1.5! compatible
  • And much more...

Niches Job Boards like TechCrunch Job site?

Job Listing Add-ons

You are running a blog or website with good traffic and wish to earn some extra $ by adding a job listing? It does not hurt to try, JA Job Board can bring your readers an useful service.

  • Customize job categories to fit your site focus.
  • Add custom field to job post form or application
  • Easy Integration to your current site design
  • Easy Single-signon login option
  • Your site can be Joomla or other CMS or custom development. You can run it on separate folder / subdomains using Joomla

01.Jobs, Users, Transactions, Job Applications management

  • Full control on users, jobs, applications, transactions
  • Change default setting for jobs posting, user registration..

02.Charging for Membership, Job Post, Resumes search

  • One-time charge for single or multi job posts
  • Resume-search purchases (1 day to any period)
  • Volume discount,different prices for different packages

03.Credits feature: can use cash or point/credit to post job

  • Different price for different subscriptions
  • Flexible change of fee plans
  • Free credits - a great promotion tool

04.Group or single user permission

  • Unlimited Subscriptions
  • Personalize permission for specific user
  • Full list of permission(job post, resume/hidden fields access)

05.Feeds management: display your job list anywhere

  • Opt-in to job listings of interest
  • Totally controlling the job listings update
  • Stay connected timely.

06.Translate you job board into any language

  • Independent language files
  • Add as many languages as you like
  • Easy control over proof-reading

07.Payment Gateway: Paypal or any other payment gateway

  • Develop your own payment gateway
  • More popular gateways will be added as standalone plug-ins

08.Additional FREE modules

  • Latest Jobs
  • Jobs with Featured Employers
  • Recently Viewed Jobs
  • Filter Jobs
  • New Resumes

09.Job Categories: Multi & unlimited

  • Multiple job categories
  • Multi sub-categories levels

10.Locations: Localize your job board

  • Multi locations
  • Different sub-locations levels

11.Job listings: Change any column in your job listing

  • Monitor fields in Resumes, Profiles, Jobs and Applications
  • Easy configuration, no hard code needed

12.Forms: Customize all the forms

  • Full control on fields of all forms
  • Just configure, no hard coding

13.Email: personalization & customization

  • Personalize all emails
  • Import, export email templates

14.CSS & layout: Edit your own layout & css

  • Create your own look and feel
  • Edit files right in your backend

15.Compatibility: Works with any Joomla template

  • Full list of template files
  • Edit files right in your backend, no editor needed

16.Extensions: Integrate your own modules, plugins

  • Extend features with your own modules, plugins
  • United platform for integration

17.Global Settings

  • Advance configuration options
  • Ease of operation
  • No technical expertise required.

18.Speed enhancement: smart cache system

  • Fit job sites of any scales
  • Balance speed even with 1,000,000,000 jobs

19.Friendly frontend with Ajax technology

  • Rich client experience
  • More interactive




We provide technical support for this product via forum and premium ticket system. You can also have a look at our Tutorial section, there are guidelines available out there.

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