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Jobs, Users, Transactions, Job Applications management

This section grants you full-control to administrate Jobs, Users, Transaction and Job Applications:

  1. Jobs : Approve, Disapprove, Edit, Delete, Add new job, Change fields in job descriptions.
  2. Employers: Send mail, Approve, Disapprove, Delete Employer, Delete Employer & Joomla user, Edit, Export Employers, View profile.
  3. Job Seekers: Send mail, Approve, Disapprove, Delete JobSeeker, Delete JobSeeker & Joomla user, Edit, Export JobSeekers, View resume.
  4. Transactions: Delete, Edit, Add new transactions, View invoices, Reverse.
  5. Applications: Delete, Edit job applications.

Charging for Membership, Job Post, Resumes search

You can determine how much you will charge for Job Post and Resume search; assign permissions respectively to each single user, user groups.

  1. Posting plan (Standard, Premium, Search Resume): monitor Type, Duration, Fee
  2. Subscription (Job Seeker, Employer): monitor Type, Duration, Fee, Permission of each subscription
  3. User permission: assign permissions to users in groups Back-end, Front-End and Guest

Credits feature: can use cash or point/credit to post job

You can use credit system to define Job posting and Resume viewing packages. It simply handles how many credits needed to post a job/view resume and how much to purchase such credits. Credit-based subscriptions give you a flexible way to define various memberships at any price, while you can change them at any time without limitations. As a result, Employers/Job Seekers have more spaces to determine the use of credits that fits them most.

Group or single user permission

You easily grant or revoke permissions of each single user, or user group, just by using checkbox.

Feeds management: display your job list anywhere

Ideal for looking updated job listings from your site, RSS feeds help them stay connected.

Translate your Job Board into any language

Each language comes with a single language file. You easily edit these files from Job Board admin Cpanel like the way you edit templates, CSS files.

Payment Gateway: Paypal or any other payment gateway

JA Job Board comes with Paypal payment gateway by default. You can integrate other payment gateways as you wish, alike normal Joomla! extension installation. Typical settings of the Paypal payment gateway are shown in the screenshot below.

Additional FREE modules

With every purchase of JA Job Board, we include for FREE some modules that you can deploy to enrich your JobBoard, like:

  1. Latest Jobs
  2. Employer List
  3. Job Board Menu
  4. Filter Jobs
  5. Jobs with Featured Employers
  6. List Resumes
  7. Latest Resumes
  8. Recently Viewed Jobs
  9. High Slide
  10. JB Statics
  11. Job Counter
  12. Job Map
  13. Job Tags


Job Categories: Multi & unlimited

Depending on your job site scale, you can create new job categories and sub-categories at any time.

Locations: Localize your JobBoard

You have full rights to create your own job categories. Together with multi-language support, building a regional or local job board is right in your hand.

Job Listings: Change any column in your job listing

A job site contains many forms (Job form, Resume form, Profile form etc.,) and each form contains certain fields. Ex: Job form comes with Job title, Location, Status, Employer etc.,You have full right to edit, add new, re-order these fields in your own way.

Forms: Customize all the forms

JA Job Board allows you to edit a form or custom fields. Comes with 4 default forms as Job form, Resume form, Profile form and Application form, you can customize them for your usage.

Emails: Personalization & customization

Job sites will need pre-defined emails, notifications sent to users on event base, i.e. successful signing-up, posting a job, subscription...You can personalize all these emails.

CSS & Layout: Edit your own layout & CSS

All CSS files can be modified in-real-time directly via your Job Board admin panel. No desktop editor is needed.

Import Job Data

This option allows administrator to import job data. Create new XML Feeds Setup then import job data. All imported job data will be listed in the Imported Jobs tab.

Export Job Data

This option allows Administrator to export job data from XML feeds or XML Schemas. Create new XML Feeds Setup then export job data.

17 Compatibility: Works with any Joomla template: style is blended.

We have made a list of primary template files which are available right in your Job Board admin panel. You can open and directly modify any file, the new look & feel will take effect instantly.

18 Extensions: Integrate your own modules and plug-ins

JA Job Board operates under Joomla framework, thus you can build your own modules, plug-ins to extend the features to the core component without any limitation.


19Global Settings.

  1. Time/Date format
  2. Files upload: filetypes, max size....
  3. Job posting, User registration
  4. Payments
  5. Currency
  6. Cache

20 Speed enhancement: smart cache system

Either with limited 1000 jobs or up to 1,000,000,000 jobs, the system can still balance the speed via the inbuilt smart cache system.

21 Friendly front-end with Ajax technology

The use of Ajax technology in JA Job Board provides a more interactive and rich client experience than traditional Web pages.

22 Open Source - GNU/GPL V3 license

JobBoard Component is released under GNU/GPL V3 license and is open source.

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